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Volunteer Coordinator

Born in the US with roots from Palestine, Aseel Dib is the volunteer coordinator and has been with United in Humanity since 2016. She is currently a second year medical student at UAB with hopes of becoming a surgeon one day. Her passion for medicine stemmed from her love of helping others and giving back with no return. Aseel vows to a lifelong commitment through every phase of her career to continue to immerse herself in helping the people of our world. She’s constantly inspired when she witnesses how strong and enduring each person is on the grounds of these mission trips. She feels privileged to be standing there and learning from those who are less fortunate yet have the most brilliant minds. Aseel’s perspective on life completely changed when she witnessed children smiling in the absence of water and families sleeping without proper shelter. She realized life’s greatest lesson on these missions and that is “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”

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